How to to Live Stream on Youtube on your Android Phone

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How to to Live Stream on Youtube on your Android Phone

The most awaiting app for android is now available in Google Play Store. “Live on YouTube” will allow you to live stream on your YouTube channel with your android device. With One click installation you can now able to connect with your YouTube account in minutes and connect with your subscribers and viewers through live streaming.
With “Live on YouTube” you can instantly broadcast live to YouTube channels, Share your moments and activity live on YouTube through this app. Broadcast Live in HD quality straight through YouTube. The app is best use for YouTube users that stream their thoughts, events, reviews through YouTube channels.
● Unlimited live broadcast time
● Support HD resolutions live transmission – 1080p / 720p !
● Change between Vertical and Horizontal video modes during broadcast !
● Dedicated button for Auto Focus
● Special video effects
● Stream Live on any of your YouTube channels
● Easily login between your different YouTube accounts
● Broadcast live in One Click
● Works with Wi-Fi, 4G and 3G data speeds

Usage scenarios –
● Instantly share your camera with anyone
● Stream live your Travels / Family Events / Sports / Movie Reviews / Hobbies
● Security and surveillance: 24/7 live broadcasting of your home / office / kids room
● Education purposes: delivering full class lessons in Live (and watch it later in VOD)
● Great tool for delivering easily and instantly live events by Bloggers / Teachers / Cookers / Service Professionals etc..
● Everything you streamed are stored in your YouTube channel and can be watched anytime (not only in live)
● Monetize your broadcasted videos

Notes –
● 1080p is enabled if your camera supports recording in FHD/30fps
● You need to enable “live” in your Google account settings to access this app. Enter to activate LIVE STREAM function. Also, we provide simple wizard to enable the LIVE STREAM function within the app

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