How to download WhatsApp on Jio Phone

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How to download WhatsApp on Jio Phone? All Jio Phone users are trying to somehow get WhatsApp support on their feature phones and now, Reliance Jio has announced the official WhatsApp support for Jio Phone as well as Jio Phone 2, along with other popular and high-in-demand apps such as YouTube, Facebook and Google Maps. However, WhatsApp on Jio Phone is one of the most anticipated features for the Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2.

Moreover, Jio Phone users can now use popular apps such as Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook on their feature phones. While the Jio Phone 2 goes on sale on August 30 at 12 pm via, Jio Phone w will also be able to use all the above-mentioned apps, including WhatsApp. Reliance Jio announced all JioPhone and Jio Phone 2 users will be able to use popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube on their feature phones and the KaiOS store will soon have all these apps available for the users.

While Facebook and YouTube apps have already made their way to Jio Phones WhatsApp is set to arrive soon. Jio Phone 2 4G feature phone went on its first flash sale on August 16 at 12 noon on the company’s website The next sale of the Jio Phone 2 will be on August 30.

The launch of Jio Phone in India is considered to the beginning of a new era for feature phones in the country and during the Reliance Industries’ 41st AGM, it was also revealed that there are already 25 million Jio Phone users in India. However, the company is aiming the 100 million mark this year and apart from launching the Jio Phone 2, it has also announced WhatsApp support for the Jio Phone lineup.

How to download WhatsApp on Jio Phone: Step-by-step guide to install and use WhatsApp for Jio Phone

  1. Open the KaiOS store in your Jio Phone.
  2. Search for WhatsApp in the search box.
  3. Step on download and when the app is successfully downloaded, tap on ‘Open’.
  4. Now setup your WhatsApp account on Jio Phone with your Reliance Jio number.
  5. Enter the OTP you have received on your registered number and you are all set to use WhatsApp on Jio Phone.

Everything said and done, while both the old and new Jio Phone users will be able to use WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube on their feature phones, the support for these apps will be launched on August 15 along with the Jio Phone 2. For the unknown, the Jio Phone also runs KaiOS will come with support for WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube.

Meanwhile, Reliance Jio has introduced the Jio Phone Monsoon Hungama offer, under which interested buyers will be able to purchase a brand new Jio Phone at just Rs. 501. While the amount will be refundable after a period of three years, you will need to exchange an old phone in order to buy a new Jio Phone at Rs. 501.


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