Check Your Phone VoLTE Support or Not For HD Jio Calling

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Check Your Phone VoLTE Support or Not For HD Jio Calling

This app will check VoLTE support on your phone.
VoLTE support is necessary on your smartphone to make and receive calls on the Jio network. If your smartphone doesn’t support VoLTE then you have to install the Jio 4G voice app also known as “Jio Join” to make and receive calls.
Some Advantages of VoLTE call.
1. Crystal Clear sound.
2. Inbuilt Video call support.
3. Call Connects instantly.

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, or Voice over Long Term Evolution. Most next-generation or so-called 4G wireless networks use Long Term Evolution technology. Voice over LTE is a standards-based technology that is required to support voice calls over an LTE network.

What it’s volte?

VoLTE stands for Voice-over-LTE, and essentially, it is a technology that makes it possible for voice calls to be carried over LTE networks. Right now, LTE networks only carry data, leaving voice calls to be carried by older 3G networks. With VoLTE, voice and data will travel through the same network.

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